The secret to winning big clients

We help you tick all the boxes.

How can you increase your hourly rate?

We reduce your non billable hours.

Growth without the growing pains

It’s what we do.


Improve your hourly rate

Something we hear a lot is how much time investigators work compared to how little they earn. Even when their billable rate is high.

This is often because the non-billable administration time takes a huge chunk out of their month – as high as 28 hours a month.

Admin time prevents you from more billable engagements and from meeting new potential clients to grow your business.

Polonious NOW helps investigators to free up 20 of these hours a month for further billables for as little as $49/month. This can lead to significantly more income, up to $7000 a year (depending on your clients rates of course!)

How much of your team’s month goes on administration and paperwork you can’t pay for? It may be worth trialling Polonious NOW to free this time for better things.


Win the big clients

Investigation excellence is one thing (and you’ve got plenty of that) but can you tick all the other boxes?

If you’re looking to grow and expand to meet the needs of a large client, you need to ensure you can meet their requirements for investigation quality, risk needs, privacy needs and security needs.

Polonious Case Management Software is regularly tested in tenders and RFPs by the insurance investigations industry here and all over the world. We’ve seen the questions, we’ve got the answers and this has been confirmed by our clients winning the big deals.

Polonious NOW can help you tick all the boxes. You’ve already got the talent, Polonious NOW gives you the tools.


Growth without pain

As you grow, different challenges arise.

  • How do you manage people working with you?
  • How do you ensure they follow best practice?
  • How to you ensure consistent reporting and communications?
  • How do you keep costs manageable?

Polonious Case Management is trusted by investigation companies with from 1 to 400 investigators. It has the answers to the growing pains ahead built into it’s DNA.


It's easy to start

We recommend watching our 5-minute demo of Polonious NOW and checking the list of features. If you like what you see: signing up for a free one month trial only takes a minute! No credit card required. See for yourself how Polonious can help improve your firm’s future.


Hosted clients

Daily users

Monthly cases

Polonious Software is used all over the world to help the Investigations industry deliver better results to their clients.

Our customers range from ambitious one person firms to the largest of the large with 300+ investigators.

Polonious NOW, our newest offering is aimed at small but keen to grow Investigation firms that want to do it right from day one.

Priced from a low $29 a month.

As you grow, Polonious software can keep pace with your needs. The same software has the capability to run the largest investigations firms in the industry.


What our clients say

We are continually endorsing Polonious through our own marketing and demonstrations. Every time we pitch a customer we demonstrate our case management solution VIMS (Polonious).
Jarrod Bowditch

Director, Verifact, Australia

I’m in the Polonious system all the time.  It’s given me insight into our operations in ways that I did not have before.
David Paul

TriWest, USA

The technology has improved our level of service to our clients and enables us to run a more efficient and monitored business.
Ed Carpenter

Account Manager, Horsemen Inc., USA

What do I get with Polonious NOW?

Ready to start

To get you started immediately, we’ve built-in industry-proven Circumstance and Surveillance workflows. You can reduce your administration hours from day one. All you need for your running sheets, reports and invoices is collected in Polonious.

Each copy of Polonious comes with pre-filled versions of:

  • Email templates
  • Running sheets
  • Final reports
  • Invoices

Access your cases anywhere

Polonious can be accessed from anywhere on the internet – on any laptop, tablet, or phone. No matter if you are in the office, at home or in the field.

Sign in securely, and you are ready to go.

Ready for Reporting

Want to know what’s going on with your team?


Dashboards provide instant information on your case load, your upcoming deadlines and who’s working those cases.

View and share interactive reports, all emailed to you automatically.

We can help you answer questions like:

  • What cases are due soon.
  • What calendar events are approaching.
  • How is the workload distributed.
  • How many cases are we doing each month?
  • Is my case load increasing of decreasing over time with this client?

Investigations? There's an app for that..

Polonious pioneered the world’s first Investigations phone app ‘Field kit’ two years ago (available on Google Play or Apple Store).

You can use your phone to see case information, direct dial case contacts, add time sheets and notes. Even take photos and video with your phone and have it attach to the case.

Your Phone data will sync up to your Polonious NOW cloud version at the click of a button keeping your office up to date on progress and backing your phone data up to the cloud.

Save time on your client reporting

Growing often means difficulties with consistent quality and delivery times, most investigation firms fix this by hiring more administrators and management checkers.


Cutting the time taken to process cases consistently can prevent the need to hire administration staff. Some of our clients claim a reduction of more than 20% in admin staff needed.

Polonious comes with built-in email, case report and invoice layouts.

At the click of a button, all of the relevant case data is put into the right place on the correspondence without any copy/pasting or re-typing resulting in:

  • Reduced preparation time.
  • Typos are removed from client and case data.
  • Errors from re using reports are removed.
  • Quality is improved without adding hours of checking.

Security, Risk and Compliance

A lot of big clients will check your capability to conform to the Risk and Compliance needs of their businesses.

The list of requirements is usually long and difficult to meet from an IT perspective.

Some features that will give you peace of mind:

  • Polonious is regularly tested by the big insurers and financial institutions.
  • All access is fully encrypted.
  • All passwords are encrypted.
  • All data is backed up every day between multiple data centers.
  • Redundancy is built in so disaster recovery is covered.
  • Your case data and documents are safe.

Polonious has been helping our customers meet these requirements over more than 9 years – we have this part of the tender or RFP covered.

Teams made easy

If you are going to grow, it’s good to know your software can grow with you without needing modifications and more software development.

Polonious is built from the ground up to be useful to teams of one up to hundreds of investigators. We have Insurance and Private Investigation clients in the USA and Australia running teams of several hundred investigators nationwide, co-ordinating thousands of cases a month.

Polonious makes it easy to:

  • Add cases, contacts and companies.
  • Allocate cases.
  • Share documents.

All via a secure, collaborative and proven solution.


Expand to Enterprise

As you grow into a true enterprise, you will need tools and capabilities that are not part of your needs today.


Rather than go to market for a more sophisticated software system, it’s nice to know a simple request to Polonious will instantly switch on the enterprise features you need.

Polonious is completely customisable out of the box, the enterprise version enables tremendous flexibility and extensive features. Polonious can enable your future.


Trial Polonious NOW for free. No credit card required.

Find out how much time you can save with Polonious NOW.

Trial it for free for 30 days. No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read through our FAQs. If they don’t answer all your questions please contact us. We are happy to help!

What kind of clients do Polonious work with?
We work with companies of various sizes and industries. From small teams to large international organisations.

Most of our clients are private investigation firms or insurance carriers.

We have customers in Australia, NZ, the USA and Canada.

How long does it take to get started?
You can expect the startup process to take no more than 3 business days. In most cases you will receive your login details within 24 hours of signing up for a trial.
Is the trial really free?
Yes. We don’t even ask for your credit card details during the sign-up process.

You can trial Polonious NOW for one month with 3 users (1 manager + 2 investigators) free of charge.

After your trial you can continue using the very same instance on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. This means that you won’t lose any case data you have captured during the trial period.

Where is my data stored?
Your data is stored on highly secured servers located in a region of the world that you select during the sign-up. There are 11 regions to choose from including the USA, Europe and Australia.
What happens after the trial?
If you do not wish to continue using Polonious NOW there is nothing you need to do. We will destroy the virtual server instance and all data you have uploaded after the trial.

If you wish to continue using your Case Management System, make sure to contact us within the trial period and move onto our ‘pay as you go’ payment model.

Do you have a question?

If you have further questions after watching our 5-minute demo of Polonious NOW and after checking the list of features just drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, check out our company website for more information.