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Polonious grows with you and your needs.

Whether you start with a pre-configured Polonious NOW subscription, or you go straight to our fully customisable Enterprise system with various hosting options – Polonious grows with you. Just check out the details below and decide what’s right for you now.

Choose your Polonious option

If you are just starting out with a small core team then check out the list of features our pre-configured Polonious NOW option has to offer. To get a first impression of the system we also highly recommend watching our 5-minute demo of Polonious NOW. Or just skip comparing features and go straight to the sign-up form. Rest assured that you can upgrade to the fully customisable Polonious Enterprise edition any time without losing any data you’ve already entered.

Polonious NOW

So, you are asking yourself: “What do I actually get with Polonious NOW?!” … below is a list of just some of the many benefits and features:

+ A public online referral form to have your clients send cases directly into your system.
+ Pre-configured workflows to manage Surveillance and Circumstance cases.
+ Send emails to the system and have those emails automatically filed into the correct case (including email attachments)!
+ Define custom Email templates to avoid copy&pasting and re-typing of case updates in emails.
+ Take your case data with you on your smart phone (install our free ‘Field Kit’ app from Google Play or Apple Store).
+ Case Dashboards provide instant overview on your business. No more spreadsheets to keep track of case statistics.
+ Interim and final reports generation by the click of a button (based on all the data you collected during the investigation)!
+ Generate Photo Sheets, Running Sheets, and lots of other useful reports and form letters.
+ Have key business reports emailed to you automatically by the system.
+ Send Emails from a case and have case details pre-populated in the email subject & body to avoid re-typing them.
+ Store digital evidence (documents, video, images) to be included in form letters and reports.
+ Share case documents (including captured video and images) with your clients securely without using email attachments.
+ Copy cases with all relevant details if re-work is required.
+ Track emails, calls and case notes and have them filed in one central place.
+ Track hours, travel, expenses and video metrics and use them for invoice generation and in reports.
+ Receive Email alerts for key dates on a case (investigator due, manager due, and client due dates).
+ Use our funky interactive graphical dashboards to filter your cases or to find a particular case easily.
+ Define allocation rules to automatically assign work to your staff (based on client, case type, etc)
+ Use advanced case search & export features
+ Set up custom client pricing for client specific invoice generation
+ Export to QuickBooks / Xero / MYOB
+ Export Case Data to Excel
+ Export Mailing List Data
+ Create Custom Report Templates
+ Create Custom Invoices Templates
+ Access to Full Suite of Business Reports
+ many more …

You get all of the above and more for just $49 per user and month. No lock-in contracts – you can cancel your subscription any day to the end of the month. What are you waiting for?

Polonious Enterprise

If you like the features of Polonious NOW but you need some customised workflows, custom email or word templates, additional monthly reports, individual hosting options, or you want to integrate existing systems with Polonious, then Polonious Enterprise Edition is what you need. Just get in touch and ask for a free consultation and an in-depth demo of the full power of Polonious.

What our clients say

We are continually endorsing Polonious through our own marketing and demonstrations. Every time we pitch a customer we demonstrate our case management solution VIMS (Polonious).
Jarrod Bowditch

Director, Verifact, Australia

I’m in the Polonious system all the time.  It’s given me insight into our operations in ways that I did not have before.
David Paul

TriWest, USA

The technology has improved our level of service to our clients and enables us to run a more efficient and monitored business.
Ed Carpenter

Account Manager, Horsemen Inc., USA

Looking for more details?

Read up on the features & facts or check out our FAQ section.