Video tutorials and guides.

5 minute guide to Polonious NOW

A quick walkthrough of the user interface, how to navigate the dashboard and cases.

Adding a case in Polonious NOW

This video walks the user through adding a case to Polonious NOW.

To add a case go to the ‘Main Menu’ (top left) and click on the ‘ADD NEW CASE’ button.

In time as we add capability to Polonious NOW we may add additional fields but the core functionality will remain the same.

Notes, status and emails

A quick guide to adding notes, sending emails and progressing the status of a case.

How to find closed cases

Go to the ‘Main Menu’, top left, then choose ‘Case List’. Once in the case list ‘Filter By’ ‘All’ then type in the name of the file you are looking for in the ‘Starting From’ field and press ‘Search’

How to delete a case

From the case view select ‘Edit’ and once you are in the edit view scroll to the bottom and select ‘Row Status’ then set the status to ‘Not Current’ then press ‘Save’ at the top of the screen.

Note: Although the case can no longer been seen and is removed from all reports etc. the data is saved and the action of deleting is stored in the case audit trail. Deleted cases can be accessed by managers. 

How to find deleted or closed cases

Go to the ‘Main Menu’ then choose ‘Case List’. Once in the cse list ‘Filter By’ ‘All’ then use the next filter ‘By’ to select ‘Deleted Cases’ or ‘Closed Cases’ type the name of the file you are looking for in the ‘Starting From’ field and then press ‘Search’

How to set customer pricing

Client pricing automatically uses the selected clients prices for metrics such as ‘Investigation Hours’ or Travel Time’ etc. in invoices that you create for that customer.

From the main menu select ‘Companies’ then navigate to the company where you would like to set specific client pricing.

From the company entry form select ‘Pricing’ button.

From the ‘Pricing Browse’ select ‘Add New’ button.

In the pricing entry form leave the ‘Price Type’ as ‘Sales’

The ‘Company’ is already selected for you.

In the ‘Metrics’ field start typing the name of the metric you would like to set the price for such as ‘Investigation Time’ once you start typing you will see a list to select from. Just click on the metric you want and it is selected.

In the ‘Unit Price’ field just type the rate you would like to bill for this metric.

How to update your Company details

Go to ‘Main Menu’ (top right) click on ‘Companies’ then search for your company in the list and select ‘Update’.

Once there simply update the fields on the page. These fields are used on reports and invoices.

We may update these from time to time and we will simply insert instructions or XXX in any new fields so you can identify them in reports and all you need to do is go and update the new fields appropriately.

Understanding Statuses

Statuses are used to signify the progress of a case. This allows investigators and managers to easily understand what they should work on next. In Polonious NOW we have a number of statuses that are generally used to track investigations and ensure key steps are followed. Some statuses escalate after a set period of time such as New Referral which escalates after four hours to New Referral +4 and after 24 hours to New Referral +24.

What do they represent?

  • New Referral = A new case has been entered / created.
  • Client Confirmation = Once all details are entered confirm receipt of the case to your client.
  • Assign/Scheduling = Attach investigators and add ‘Calendar Entry’ notes for any meetings or appointments in the future.
  • Re-Assign = Investigator has refused the investigation. Assign a new investigator.
  • Assigned to investigator. The investigator is assigned and needs to accept or refuse the investigation.
  • Under Investigations = Inquiries are underway.
  • Investigation + 30D = Inquiries have taken over 30 days.
  • Editing = Inquiries are complete and the report is being completed.
  • Invoicing = Invoice the client.
  • Client Delivery = Deliver to the client.
  • Quality Control = Review your and your investigators performance.

To move a case to the next status add the note indicating that this phase is complete such as ‘Setup Complete -> Client Confirmation.

Note: Managers can use ‘Case Edit’ to push the status to any status they wish. This however limits accurate reporting in the future in relation to workflow and identification of constraints and delays in your investigation process.

Running Sheets 101

A quick run through on how to add a running sheet and generate a running sheet in the Polonious NOW investigation management system.

Running sheets track inquiries, time, travel and expenses and are used in running sheet reports, case reports, payroll and invoicing.

Running sheets can also be added via the iOS and Android app available from the App Store and Play Store.

Webinar re Invoicing

Recording of a webinar walking through how information is collected and used in invoicing.

A quick guide to case reports.

A quick guide to case reports.